Cottonwood Tennis Club hosts annual Gender Doubles Tournament

Rod Hayward

From January 8 to 14, Cottonwood held its annual gender doubles tournament. Thanks go to the weatherman, to Ernie Soczka and his tournament committee and to everyone who manned (and womanned) the food court (Mel and Penny Rinald, Roseann Soczka, Nadine and Robert Sutter, Neda Mead and Sherri Butler, Mary Park, Linda Dirksmeyer and Toni Reider, Susan Aparicio, Doug Page, Sue Thomas and Gail Osten, Mike Verrilli, all the bakers who contributed desserts and the other countless volunteers). A special thanks to Sarah and Kelz Kelzenberg for the lovely award certificates and to Cannon Hill for managing the seating.

Black Men Consolation: Irv Neltner-Bob Reider

Black Men Runner up: Carl Day-Jim Sutherland

Black Men Champion: Rod Johnson-Jack Veit

Black Ladies Runner up: Roseann Soczka-Marna Brooks

Black Ladies Champion: Sonda Giles-Pam Johnson

Blue Men Consolation: Dave Rokusek-Roger Osten

Blue Men Runner Up: Mel Rinald-Gary Balaski

Blue Men Champion: Doug Page-Bill Triquart

Blue Ladies Consolation: Carol McCully-Georgia Day

Blue Ladies Runner Up: Mary Ann Rice-Dorothy Thurman

Blue Ladies Champion: Dorothea Flaschmann-Donna Nelson

Green Men Consolation: Bill Bailey-Al Mein

Green Men Runner Up: Roger Diddock-Keith Nelson

Green Men Champion: George Hamilton-Bruce Brooks

Green Ladies Consolation: Sylvia Page-Nadine Sutter

Green Ladies Runner Up: Neda Mead-Karin Herrmann

Green Ladies Champions: Kathy Moliter-Kim Schmuck

Red Men Consolation: Al Wagner-Bob Lewis

Red Men Runner Up: Bruce Beelman-Bob Walk

Red Men Champions: Steve Nolan-Bill Gosiak

Red Ladies Consolation: Mary Jane Robinson-Betty Dunn

Red Ladies Runner Up: Lynn Cox-Bonnie Livingston

Red Ladies Champions: Sandy Casale-Ann Dugan