Cottonwood Tennis Club News

Tony Reider

This spring at Cottonwood Tennis Club, the ladies played in a six-week season of tennis. We had a lot of interest and enthusiasm with a roster of 22 ladies, which included Susie Dunn, Ollie Johnson, Luana Capponi, Renee Hansen, Susan Aparicio, Gwen Lucas, Mary Park, Anita Frindell, Linda Dirksmeyer, Kim Vargas, Neda Mead, Lynn Cox, Susan Hood, Karin Hermann, Lorna Lane, Cindy Cloke, Maryjane Robinson, Julia Romanin, Jenette Curran, and myself, Toni Reider. After achieving a well-deserved higher rating this year, we welcomed Tammy Knight and Carol Trentadue to our roster.

As the season progressed, we had some ladies leaving for their home states. Along with this, we had girls with health problems and personal issues, which meant our league was in real need of utilizing our sub list, which included Judy Rogers, Julie Evans, Mary Braton, and Kathy Moliter. A big thank you to our subs who helped our league to have such a successful season.

Typically in the warmer months, we play eight games per set, allowing each girl to serve twice in each set, rotating partners. This also gives the ladies a chance to compete with more accomplished players, as well as getting better acquainted with other players and making new friends. We started the spring playing at 10 a.m. but as the weather got hotter, moved our start time to 7 and 8:30 a.m.

Congratulations to our first-place finisher Luana Capponi, second place Kim Vargas, and third place Mary Park. A fun component to the scoring, which is becoming a tradition now, is that we keep track of most aces made, which award went to Carol Trentadue. All of our ladies are winners, and it was a pleasure to organize this league, especially since the gals are so cooperative and understanding about the challenges of court changes and last-minute substitutions.

Our actual last day of play was May 22, but we had an end of season Ice Cream Social a week early in order to celebrate with players before they left town for cooler temperatures. We all look forward to this celebration, which includes awards, prizes, and lots of laughter.

Here’s to another great season. Wishing all the girls a safe and healthy summer.

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