Cottonwood Tennis Club report

Vice President of CTC, Hal Davis, signs up for the week-long Mixed Doubles Tournament

Vice President of CTC, Hal Davis, signs up for the week-long Mixed Doubles Tournament

Susie Dunn

As mentioned in last month’s issue our popular Men’s and Women’s Doubles Tournament was scheduled to play on January 11th-16th. Weather became a big factor causing delays and rescheduling of matches. The results were as follows:

Red Division Women: 1st M.J. Robinson and Kay Wengert, 2nd Lynn Cox and Bonnie Livingston, 3rd Kaipo Simonelli and Christine Lecoutre

Red Division Men: 1st Bill Gosiak and Hall Davis, 2nd Dave Cain and Rob Campbell, 3rd Ken Stanley and Steve Nolan

Green Division Women: 1st Sandra LaBute and Kay Getelman, 2nd Gloria Wilson and Wendy Gale, 3rd Karin Hermann and Neda Mead

Green Division Men: 1st Bob Dunn and Bill Bailey, 2nd Art McMillian and George Hamilton, 3rd Bruce Garmin and Clive Timms

Blue Division Women: 1st Maureen Pivic and Lorna Lane, 2nd Jeanne Tooley Harstone and Carol McCulley, 3rd Martine Blue and Katherine Campbell

Blue Division Men: 1st Bruce Brooks and David Paul, 2nd John Edwards and Laks Jagnandan, 3rd Rod Hayward and David Markell

Black Division Women: 1st Penny Peterson and Georgia Day, 2nd Sue Garmin and Linda Vogelaar, 3rd Katherine Korol and Becky Paschal

Black Division Men: 1st Mel Bram and Dennis Rix, 2nd Ron Peterson and Rod Johnson, 3rd Jim Sutherland and Dick Kane

The result of our recent social in January with IronOaks was Cottonwood 32, IronOaks 14. A big thank you goes out to Gayle and Roger Osten and Susan and John Edwards who helped organize and serve the refreshments and delicious lunch.

Our other week-long tournament in the month of February was the Mixed Doubles Tournament on February 15-20. Two other socials in the month of February were the February 14 IronOaks Valentine Social and our friends east of us from Trilogy came to Cottonwood on February 28.

Just a little history for those people who don’t know. Cottonwood Tennis Club has had 29 presidents dating back to 1982 with the first President being Ken Bradshaw (thus, the Big Bradshaw week long tournament in his honor). Of those, seven were women. Adriana Michael, our current president, has done something that has never been done before. She sent out 16 invitations to the past presidents dating back to 1988 to honor them with a special dinner on February 18 during our membership dinner meeting. We will find out which ones were able to attend at our next printing. We are all looking forward to meeting many of these past presidents and enjoying the many great stories they will relate.

Tennis tip of the month:

When serving use continental grip-point left shoulder at center net strap – point racket at right net post – toss ball up as high as you can reach with your racket – hit up on the ball – serving position is the same for “deuce” and “ad” sides

Per Don Neu