Cottonwood Tennis Club’s Men’s and Women’s Doubles winners

Winners of the Gender Tournament show off their certificates.

Winners of the Gender Tournament show off their certificates.

Penny Petersen

Cottonwood Tennis Club held its annual Gender Doubles Tournament January 6-12. It started out on a rainy Sunday, but the rest of the week was perfect for tennis. There were 88 players participating (44 teams in six categories). Final results are as follows:

Red Division – Men: Champions: Bob Walk and Bruce Beelman; Runners up: Al Wagner and Bob Lewis

Green Division – Men: Champions: Rick Kendall and Steve Norvet; Runners up: Bill Bailey and Ron Ryer

Blue Division – Men: Champions: Jay Ketter and Cannon Hill; Runners up: Lou Maldonado and Jerry Higgins

Red Division – Women: Champions: Barb Jorgensen and Kathryn Campbell; Runners up: Kathy Moliter and Cindy McCarville

Green Division- Women: Champions: Mary Park and Ollie Johnson; Runners up: Maryann Sinerius and Susan Aparicio

Blue Division – Women: Champions: Mary Ann Rice and Kim Vargas; Runners up: Carol McCulley and Jeanne Tooley

Interesting side-note: The CTC rules of play require that if the same team wins two years in a row, they have to change partners for the following year. So, Bob Walk and Bruce Beelman are up for grabs in 2020 if you’re a Red player.

The CTC Mixed Doubles Tournament will be held in February. To check it out, go to