Linda Shanahan

We live in COVID zone

And sometimes feel alone

So we get on the phone

Where we can moan and groan

Now lonely, know you are

So just get in the car

No need to go that far

Just don’t go to a bar

OK to walk your feet

But don’t go out to eat

Bar-B-Que some meat

Eat in because of heat

Go find yourself a nook

Sit down and read a book

Or at the TV look

A new dish you could cook

If groceries you should need

And you must do this deed

Do not the labels read

But do this chore with speed

A facemask you must wear

It might mess up your hair

The problem we all share

And no one gives a care

Don’t want to hear you curse

It could be so much worse

You riding in a hearse

I better end this verse.