CWMGA playday results

Buddy Meola

The Ace of Aces qualifier was held on Sept. 7. The low gross and low net scores for each flight qualify for the yearly Ace of Aces Tournament.

First Flight Low Gross – Larry Frink, First Flight Low Net – Martin Oerter, Second Flight Low Gross – Mark Lynne, Second Flight Low Net – Garrett Bertsch, Third Flight Low Gross – Julien Pickens, Third Flight Low Net – Gerald Brock

Sept. 14 event was a 2-man pick your partner Best Ball competition.

First Flight Winning Team with Net 58: Jim Curran and Jack Goyer

Second Flight Winning Team with Net 58: Dan Paxton and Garrett Bertsch

Third Flight Winning Teams tied with Net 57: Terence Cronin/Tim Fettis and Jim Rahilly/Thomas Rhea

Sept. 21 was a 2-man team competition with an A and D player versus a B and C player.

Winning teams included Tim Healy/Bill Irwin, Tom Rainville/Garrett Bertsch, Rick Skitt/Jim Rahilly, Sam Selby/Steve Martz, Bill Moore/Earl Whiteman, Steve Lowe/Rick Miller, Jack Goyer/David Spencer, Marty Oerter/Jack Wortley, Paul Graebke/Jerry Johnston, Jim Grube/Jerry Reno, Jerry Connor/Dick Johnson

Sept. 28 was a Low Gross/Low Net by flights event.

First Flight Low Gross – Paul Brauer, First Flight Low Net – Jerry Conner, Second Flight Low Gross – Paul Homan, Second Flight Low Net – Larry Mullins, Third Flight Low Gross – Dan Paxton, Third Flight Low Net – Don Bartolo, Fourth Flight Low Gross – Tim Fettis, Fourth Flight Low Net – Steve Martz

Due to overseeding occurring in October, there will only be a Beat the Pro on Oct. 5. This will be followed by a party on the patio to discuss the upcoming new season.