DAR Addresses Women’s Issues

Toni Bolling Lutter

At each meeting, Gila Butte Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) actively promotes the safety and wellbeing of its members through a wide variety of reports and recommendations. Women’s Issues is a national DAR committee which provides a special forum for Daughters. By focusing on Health, Career, and Family, Daughters educate and empower themselves to serve their communities, their society, and each other.

Honorary Regent Barbara Hugus serves as Chair for the Women’s Issues Committee in Gila Butte Chapter. Every month, Hugus provides a report designed to inspire and inform by focusing on one of the committee’s goals of Health, Career, and Family. The committee’s national theme for 2019-2020 is “Family: Prevention of Domestic Violence.”

Through a generous endowment, a new Women’s Issues subcommittee, Vivian’s Outreach, will provide support to homeless and indigent women. The first Vivian’s Outreach will support our women veterans.

In the current climate of health concerns resulting from the coronavirus, Hugus recommends that women stay informed and be prudent in their activities outside the home. At the same time, she emphasizes that women must remain mindful of other health concerns as well. Annual breast imaging, colonoscopy as needed, and annual physical exams will keep women healthy so they are able to continue with their career and family responsibilities.

DAR is a 501(c)(3) national, volunteer women’s organization with three objectives: historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Gila Butte Chapter meets in Sun Lakes and is one of 41 Arizona chapters devoted to “God, Home, and Country.” There are service opportunities for any American woman. Women over 18 who can prove bloodline descent from a patriot of the American Revolution are eligible. For membership information, please call 706-255-4847 or go to the website gilabutte.arizonadar.org. Expert genealogical assistance is available.