DAR plans genealogy workshop

Regent’s Family Tree (left to right) Peg Schwab (cousin), Betty Wells (sister), Rebecca Hugus (daughter) and Regent Barbara Hugus.

Regent’s Family Tree (left to right) Peg Schwab (cousin), Betty Wells (sister), Rebecca Hugus (daughter) and Regent Barbara Hugus.

Toni Bolling Lutter

A November Genealogy Workshop is planned for women interested in joining DAR in Sun Lakes. Gila Butte Chapter is sponsoring the workshop which will be designed to teach research techniques and DAR documentation requirements.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) established its Lineage Research Committee (LRC) in 1961 as an assistance to prospective members in completing their applications. In 2003, DAR also established its Genealogy Preservation Committee, with the goal of digitizing all DAR genealogical and membership information into computerized, searchable databases. The current phase of this ongoing project is the categorizing of over 6,000,000 documents used as supporting documentation for DAR applications.

DAR’s Genealogical Research System is home to one of the premier research centers in the United States, featuring ancestor database, member search, and descendant’s database. Also featured is the extensive index of DAR Library books housed in Washington, D.C.

As one of the most inclusive lineage societies in the world, DAR does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race or national origin. Rather, the LRC’s Minority and Ethnic Research Subcommittee provides active assistance in locating documentation for minorities who contributed to the American Revolution.

Since its founding nearly 125 years ago, generations of women have joined DAR to preserve history, support education and promote patriotism. Through their research and assistance to applicants, DAR has flourished. Today, there are 177,000 Daughters in 3,000 chapters worldwide.

Gila Butte DAR meets in Sun Lakes and boasts many multi-generation families and family tree branches. The chapter welcomes women over 18 who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution. Women with an interest in learning how to complete DAR applications are invited to call 480-883-3003 for information on the November workshop.