DAR requests community participation

Gila Butte DAR preparing for 100th anniversary of Armistice Day

At the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of 2018, Gila Butte Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) will attend the Sun Lakes community-wide Veterans Day celebration, which is also the 100th Anniversary of the World War I (WWI) Armistice. The chapter is requesting the Sun Lakes community to bring remembrances of any who served in WWI, the “Great War.” A poster board inscribed “Sun Lakes Remembers” will be available for all contributions.

Americans from every background served in WWI. Although the conflict is widely considered to have established America as a world power, it is also known as “The Forgotten War.” It was very real at the time, with 116,500 Americans killed and 320,000 sick and wounded.

Some four million American troops served in WWI. More than 22,000 American women joined the Army as nurses and served at home and overseas. Life on the home front was changed as well, with Americans adopting the slogan “Food Will Win the War,” and introducing meatless and wheatless family meals. Children planted gardens and sold Liberty Bonds. Our nation mobilized for a great cause.

Any remembrance of WWI service is appropriate and welcome for the “Sun Lakes Remembers” poster boards. Currently, there are personal thank-you notes, prayers, photos and postings of names and service. Everyone who served deserves to be remembered.

Gila Butte DAR meets in Sun Lakes and welcomes eligible women who are interested in preserving American History. All women over 18 who can prove lineal bloodline descent from a patriot of the American Revolution are eligible; genealogical assistance is available. For membership information, call 480-802-6993 or access the chapter website,  gilabutte.arizonadar.org.