Delivery Gets Underway for the 2021 Sun Lakes Source Book and New Community Map

Linda Robson, Publisher

Robson Publishing is excited to announce the delivery of the inaugural edition of the Sun Lakes Community Map along with the 2021 Sun Lakes Source Book. The Sun Lakes Rotary Club is delivering these materials again this year, a process that has already begun.

A first of its kind for the residents of Sun Lakes, the community map is a large-scale map of all three phases along with a street index. The map measures 36” x 28” and when folded, utilizing a proper map fold, measures 4” x 9” thus allowing users to keep it in their car glove box or golf cart. In addition to the street diagram, various landmarks throughout the community are located on the map such as clubhouses, fires stations, churches, manned and private gates, and commercial centers.

On the flip side of the Sun Lakes Community Map is an extensive Phoenix/Maricopa County metropolitan area map. This map features the existing freeway/expressway system along with routes that are currently under construction and in long-range plans. Additionally, the light rail system is highlighted along with both major commercial airports plus various lakes and mountain preserves that surround Maricopa County.

It’s important to support and utilize the goods and services of the advertisers that you see on the Sun Lakes Community Map and the Sun Lakes Source Book. The revenue from ad sales covers the cost of printing and distribution of these outstanding products and we would not be able to continue publication without their valued support.

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