Derrick Elliott Earns Doctor of Ministry Degree

Rev. Dr. Derrick Elliott

Audrey Hendry

Congratulations, Rev. Dr. Derrick Elliott, Pastor of Sun Lakes United Church of Christ, on earning your Doctor of Ministry degree from Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Dr. Elliott decided to take on this challenge so he could increase his knowledge and skill level to help his congregation and community in religious and spiritual care. It took him three years to complete his studies, in addition to being a part-time pastor to two churches, a military chaplain, serving on several denomination boards, and teaching educational classes.

Rev. Dr. Elliott’s thesis is “Building a Foundation of Understanding Utilizing Our Whole Lives and Educating Clergy.” It will be published and can be found under his name at the Wesley Theological Seminary Library at

Rev. Dr. Elliott stated that it doesn’t change his ministry, but it enhances his knowledge and skills of how to help the congregation. It’s another tool in his toolbox.

Rev. Dr. Elliott will receive his Doctor of Ministry degree on May 6. His church family at Sun Lakes United Church of Christ is extremely proud of him and his accomplishment.

Rev. Dr. Elliott holds church services on Saturdays at 4 p.m. in the Sun Lakes Chapel. All are welcome!