Desert Artists Club Memories

Fall social event of 2019

Fall social event of 2019

Sue Sindelar

Hello all DAC members. Here we are in September of 2020. Quite a different time in our lives from last year when we had a fun social gathering at Maynard Iverson’s home in September. There was great conversation, delicious food, and we all had a wonderful experience. This was a happier time, free from the constraints that we are now experiencing. We all need to remember these fun times and when we are able, we will gather again to share in our friendships and again create art together. In the meantime, we can be creating more art for Art at the Lakes or our own Sharing Our Art event. There is much to celebrate, and it is therapeutic to express our gratitude for big and little things in our lives through our art.

Remember the fun times; they will happen again, so keep on creating! Send some of your artwork via our club email so we can inspire each other with our creations. We have seen some fun and beautiful art, and it is a good way to stay connected.

For information about our club that meets every Tuesday afternoon in Cottonwood, new artists in Sun Lakes may email me at [email protected]

DAC meetings will resume when we are able to gather together in groups safely.