Desert Artists Club News

Sue Sindelar

It is August, and in the heat of our Arizona summer, the Desert Artists Club (DAC) gathers where it is nice and cool to create something beautiful and unique. Each artist brings their own supplies and works in their preferred medium. Some artists paint with watercolor, gouache, inks, acrylics, or oils. Others are drawing portraits of people or pets, using pastels, colored pencils, or charcoal. Then there are some of us who are perhaps “stuck” and attend for inspiration. We show interest in each other’s work and have fun. We are a group of artists who come together to create, inspire, and learn from each other.

The DAC meets each Tuesday afternoon throughout the year from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Ceramics Room (A-8) in Cottonwood, across from the Golf Pro Shop. So, take a break from the heat and come join us. Any artist within the three HOAs of Sun Lakes is able to join. If you are new to Sun Lakes and wish more information, you can contact me at [email protected] or call and leave a message at 480-745-2198.