Desert Artists Club News

Sue Sindelar

Welcome to our winter in Arizona. Many of us from northern states and provinces are glad we don’t have to shovel snow and endure the cold, but do appreciate the beauty that a fresh-falling snow gives to our spirit. The beauty of a Christmas card can inspire us to paint a familiar scene that is a part of our life’s treasured moments. Inspiration can come from many sources, and cards are often a great visual to encourage us to try and put our own style on canvas or paper. Artistic beauty abounds and just invites us to “give it a try.”

The Desert Artists Club meets each Tuesday afternoon throughout the year from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Ceramics Room (A-8) in Cottonwood. Any artist within the three HOAs of Sun Lakes is able to join. We gather to be with other artists to create in a fun and accepting environment. Each artist brings their own supplies and works in their preferred medium. Some paint with watercolor, gouache, inks, acrylics, or oils. Others enjoy drawing portraits of people or pets, landscapes, or interesting objects using pastels, colored pencils, or charcoal. If you are just learning and want to do a paint by number, that’s great, too.

If you are new to Sun Lakes and wish to join, just stop in any Tuesday and see if our informal club seems right for you. Bring your art supplies or a sketch pad and “give it a try.” If you wish to join, you can be on an email list of club members and receive notifications of occasional social events and other activities. You may also contact me at [email protected] or 480-745-2198.