Desert Navy Club’s meeting on November 15

Richard Volpe

We’re extending an invitation to you to visit with us at our next meeting on Nov. 15 in the Lakeview Room located in the SunBird Community Center. The meeting starts on time at

11 a.m. and moves along quickly, with our guest speakers always having topics of interest. Our club maintains a schedule of meetings that runs from September until May and takes place on the third Friday of each month. Immediately following each meeting, lunch is an option at SunBird’s Horizon Room, a restaurant located in the same building where we meet. Lunch is typically ordered ahead of time and is usually ready just about noontime for  club members who tend to hang out there as a group following the meeting.

Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine Veterans are always welcome. Hopefully, you are able to spare some time from your busy schedules and join us for a while where you can meet up with some new friends and possibly even run into someone whom you haven’t heard from or seen in years. If you have any questions or would be interested in obtaining more information, feel free to call 480-802-2532. Looking forward to meeting up with you soon. Have a great day.