Desert Navy Wishes You All a Happy Holiday Season

Richard Volpe

Our normal December club meeting will be taking a backseat this month, as our club will be sharing its time with its membership and guests, celebrating with an annual holiday get-together with dinner locally. The time is set for 1 p.m., and the restaurant is the Oasis Bay located at 2100 S. Gilbert Road in Chandler. For additional details, feel free to contact Rich Volpe at his telephone number listed below.

We will be getting back to our normal scheduling once we bring in the new year with our next meeting scheduled for Jan. 21, 2022. Our meetings start at 11 a.m. and are held on the third Friday of the month from September up until May. Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine veterans are always welcome. Meetings start on time and usually last no more than an hour, and at most meetings, we do have guest speakers who provide us with a variety of topics of interest. At present, our meetings are being held at the IHOP located off Arizona Avenue in the Target Shopping Center.

While this is an exciting time of the year, it also can be a time of sadness for many. Take a moment to be thankful for all the good things you’ve been blessed with. And more importantly, take a moment to remember all those who are going through hardships or may be missing their loved ones who cannot be with them, and especially all those in harm’s way, whether serving in the military or in other areas, who make our lives safer here at home. If you have any questions regarding our club, access to medical supplies in times of need, or membership, please contact Rich at 480-802-2532. Have a safe and healthy holiday season, and keep the faith as we move on to new opportunities following the many challenges we’ve faced in the past.