Desert Rivers Audubon Society BirdWalks

What bird is this? If you guessed a heron, you are close. It is a black-crowned night heron.

Gwen Grace

The black-crowned night heron is usually inconspicuous and hard to spot among the reeds and bushes over a body of water. It likes to come out at dusk to eat, but it sits in trees in the daylight. If you want to see one, join the Desert Rivers Audubon Society at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve on March 16 during a BirdWalk.

There is talk of a yellow-crowned night heron also at the Gilbert site, but I have not found it … yet. The black and yellow crowns are similar to the American bittern, which is more commonly known. The smaller green heron and the black and yellow crowns remind me of Mr. Magoo, a cartoon character with a short neck.

Desert Rivers Audubon Society offers free BirdWalks

Come out and enjoy this free event. Bird guides take out a small group, and the walks last about 45 minutes. There are binoculars for lending. Bird guides and books are for sale, and there are children’s bird books.

BirdWalks are held the first Saturday of the month at Chandler and the third Saturday of the month at Gilbert.

March 2: Chandler Veterans Oasis Park at Chandler Heights and Lindsay Roads from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Look for the Desert Rivers tent.

March 16: Gilbert Riparian Preserve on Guadalupe and Greenfield Roads from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Monthly Speaker: March 12 at the Gilbert Library at Guadalupe and Greenfield Roads. The meeting is available in person at the Gilbert Library or on Zoom. Register for Zoom on the website Join the fun and volunteer.