Desert Threads Gives Back to Our Community

Sandy Hill (left) and Jeff Ehlinger (right) receiving the quilt they won from Desert Threads President Vicki Jones (center) (photo by Vicki Jones)

Diana Jones

Jeff Ehlinger and Sandy Hill were winners of A Day of Golfing quilt, given away during the October Sun Lakes HOA Activities events. No purchase was necessary—just put your name in the basket. The quilt top was donated to our group. Members of our chapter finished the quilt. It was fun to give the quilt to someone who will enjoy it. The Sun Lakes community has been so generous with the Desert Threads Chapter that we wanted to return the love.

Growing up, did you listen to the radio? Here in Arizona, an evening of entertainment came from KOMA, Oklahoma City, Okla. Now I’m humming, “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool,” by Barbara Mandrell. Certain songs can ignite emotion and memories faster and more deeply than anything else. Now what are you humming?

Sewing, quilting, and creating are really just like that, too. I see a pattern to make a quilt, an apron, a bag, a table runner, or a hot pad. I think of someone whom I love and want to make that thing for them. It is a deep expression of love. It is my way to make, to give, to love, share, inspire. To offer a tangible item that represents a reflection of the essence of my soul toward those I love. I believe this is the way of all “Makers,” whether making music, quilts, bread, cookies, walking sticks, pottery, jewelry, whatever wonderful things you are compelled by your heart to make.

This is our “Light,” the essence of our being that brings forth a new creation. This is the light that we make with our hearts by using our own hands. And we revel in sharing and inspiring others to do it, too, because we know the great abundance of joy that comes only in the giving and sharing of that light.

Sew … bear with me. I’m bringing this full circle. My hope is that Desert Threads, a chapter of Arizona Quilters Guild, ignites that light inside of our members to make, to create, to shine our light of love and keep it going. The world desperately needs more light. Through growing friendships, fellowship, and sharing our love of fabric, especially quilting, we keep our light shining bright.

All creators are invited to attend Desert Threads meetings the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m., in the Cottonwood Community Learning Center Phoenix Room (A-9), across from the swimming pool. For more information, contact [email protected].