Doll Collector Club News

The Sun Lakes Doll Collector Club, now an independent club but formerly the Dolly Dressers of Sew-N-Sews, welcomes all doll enthusiasts. During this month of being “thankful,” the Doll Collector Group acknowledges and is thankful for the tremendous community support we have received during the past several months with regard to doll donations. We thank our sewers who make the “new” clothes and quilts that go home with our donation dolls. Each donation doll goes home with a quilt or bedroll, four or five changes of clothes with shoes, and restyled hair and a hair brush. Our ladies love dolls of all types: collector Barbies, the beautiful American Girl doll and her cousins from Walmart and Target, rag dolls like Cabbage Patch and Raggedy Ann and Andy, collector porcelain-faced dolls, and for the boys, the Build-A-Bears.

We have a growing fee-for-service repair business, so if your “too much loved” doll needs a spa day, give us a call, and perhaps we can help you or direct you to someone who can. We redo hair, clean bodies and faces, fix clothing, and do many other repairs. Fees are reasonable and are based on the number of hours needed. We love restyling hair and making the dolls look like new.

We also accept donations of all kinds of dolls for repair and adoption by a “new” mommy living in the community (like the women’s shelters, local police, and DPS workers). If you can sew, we always need dress and small quilt makers for our 18-inch and Barbie dolls, many of which will be going out soon as Christmas gifts to little ones who would not otherwise get a doll or bear of their own to play with. If this sounds like you, call or text Johnie Scofield at 602-510-7995 or email j[email protected].