Doll Collector Club of Sun Lakes Seeks Doll Donations

The Doll Collector Club of Sun Lakes and the East Valley seeks doll donations of all kinds of your much-loved dolls. We repair and renew many different types of dolls, like the 18-inch American Girl-type of doll, including her cousins from Target and Walmart; all kinds and styles of the 12-inch Barbie-type doll; and any kind of “rag”-type doll, including “Build-A-Bears,” “Cabbage Patch” dolls, and Raggedy Ann and Andy-type dolls. If you have a doll in need of cleaning and repair, give us a call or text, as we have a growing “repair” business, and we can give you a bid (often under $20) on how much it will cost. On the other hand, if you would like to give us a doll donation from your personal collection, we are always seeking new donations. With a new hairstyle, or sometimes even a doll “wig,” your old, “too-much-loved” baby will become the treasured doll of a girl who otherwise might not be able to have a doll of her own to play with.

For further information, call or text Johnie Scofield at 602-510-7995 or send a request to [email protected].