Dollars and Sense: Lessons from Warren Buffett: Save Income Tax

Dr. Harold Wong

Warren Buffett is known as the most successful stock market investor of the last 50+ years. Berkshire Hathaway is his investment holding company and owns a controlling interest in more than 60 companies and a partial ownership in another 20 companies. Buffett has many famous rules on money. His #1 Rule is “Never Lose Money,” and his #2 Rule is “Don’t Forget Rule #1.” An ABC TV interview on Jan. 26, 2012, with Buffett and his secretary found that Buffett paid an average tax rate of 17.4% of income versus her 35.8% tax rate.

When I talk to medical groups, their #1 goal is “How Can I Retire 5 to 15+ Years Earlier?” The answer is not doubling your risk in Wall Street to try to make higher returns. It’s simply saving income tax. If I can save a client $50,000 a year of taxes for 20 years and earn an average 10% return, there will be an extra $3,150,125 in their retirement fund.

Buffett understands the crucial importance of saving income tax. In 2018 Berkshire Hathaway was one of over 80 giant companies that legally paid no income tax. By September, 2020, it had taken Berkshire Hathaway 12 months to acquire a 5% ownership in Marubeni, a giant Japanese company. In the last three years, this has been his single best investment, because the stock has tripled. For the last three to four years, Marubeni has been trying to buy part of an Arizona company that has been given two multi-billion dollar markets by the California government.

California says that this company has invented the only zero-emission technology that is commercially viable. This allows giant food companies to cut their annual diesel bill in half and save thousands of lives by decreasing dangerous diesel emissions that cause cancer. It turns out that the equipment is the most powerful way to reduce income tax in today’s Tax Code because of the 30% solar tax credit and other government incentives.

Please attend my seminars and learn how you can use this equipment to reduce 2024 federal income tax to $0 and possibly recover all the federal tax paid in the last three years, now allowed by the Aug. 16, 2022, Inflation Reduction Act. You will also learn how there is an opportunity to buy stock in the company years before their Initial Public Offering. This is the Tesla of its unique niche, servicing the food industry.

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