Dolly Dressers on summer hiatus

Viv Sloane

Our last meeting until September 2017 was attended by four members. We have two new ladies who joined us; Barbara Kase and Linda Nicolin.

We sorted through newly-donated fabric and that in the cabinet. A short meeting followed, since several women had to leave early.

Underprivileged or homeless boys and girls are very happy to receive the items we provide. We need some special items for boys – little cars, trucks, soldiers, action figures; also, some specialty Beanie Babies besides bears. We would like to thank all the people who have responded to our needs, especially those who don’t live in Sun Lakes. Used dolls have become very expensive to buy even from Savers or Goodwill. The dolls and other items people donate to us are very much appreciated.

As always, we are in need of unbreakable dolls of all types, especially 14”-16”-18” little girl dolls. They must have hair that we can restyle and not be all marked up. We also have a need for flannel and fleece for doll blankets, lace and other sewing supplies, yarn of all kinds and crochet cotton, gently-used children’s books and other small items that we can give to the food bank for distribution to small children coming in with their mothers. We are also in need of small (about 3”) baby bottles, as we find these are very hard to come by. We have a great many baby dolls who need bottles, as we like to include one with each doll. It would even be nice to have a miniature rattle to include. We always include a baby blanket or a quilt with each doll. Even if donated items can’t be used by us, we will find an appropriate place where they can be used. Since we are a special interest group of the Sew-N-Sews, some of the other charities they support can use items that are donated.

For more information about joining our group or to donate items, call Rose Zimmer at 480-895-5148 or  Viv Sloane 480-688-7823.