Drum and Sound Circle for Spiritual Empowerment and Full Moon Celebration

Julia Norton

I was wondering one evening what I could do to help our world try to be a better place. So much violence is in our world today, just as it has been all of my life. My thoughts went to my love of drumming and sound for healing. Next thing I knew, I was posting on the “Next Door” app. “Does anyone want to have a drum/sound circle in the Sun Lakes area?” The response was tremendous in just a few days, so off I went with the planning. Drum & Sound Circle for Spiritual Empowerment and Full Moon Celebration became a reality.

Our first Drum/Sound circle was held on May 10 at the Sun Lakes Country Club in the Friendship Room. Thirty people gathered and had a great time meeting new friends of like minds, drumming, rattling, ringing bells and several other types of instruments. Our intentions were for Mother Earth, Peace and Love, Health and wellbeing for all.

This social event is planned for every month on a Wednesday as close to the full moon as possible. It will be in the Friendship Room at Sun Lakes Country Club at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Our summer schedule is June 7, July 12 and August 9. You can come when you can and you can leave when you want. I hope you come to enjoy a fun social gathering of some really great hearts!

If you would like more information, please contact Julia Norton with your name, phone number and email address at [email protected] or 480-823-7410.