East Valley Marines help veterans with auto donations

Denise Lott

In conjunction with the Phoenix Auto Body Shop, two Marine veterans were selected, based on need, to receive road-ready automobiles. Greg May, manager/owner of the body shop, assisted by his brother, Rick, purchased cars through an auction and then approached Master Sergeant Salvador Marquez who is the District Injured Support Coordinator (DISC) for the Wounded Warrior Regiment, VISN 18 (AZ/NM) for help in identifying Marine veterans in need.

Those wounded veterans selected were Cpl. Rathmann and Cpl. Holzinger. The car helped Cpl. Rathmann get to his college classes and to VA appointments. Cpl. Holzinger is a Purple Heart recipient and 100 percent disabled.

East Valley Marines Detachment 1296 donated toward the purchase of the autos. Phoenix Auto Body Shop provided all of the labor and parts needed, such as new brakes and new tires, to be sure that the cars were fully road-ready for the wounded Marine recipients.