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In "Before America Roared," Bill Gates examines the period leading up to the Roaring 20s.

In “Before America Roared,” Bill Gates examines the period leading up to the Roaring 20s.

Mary Kenny

This year, fall classes at New Adventures started in late September, and extended into December. Classes continue to be offered online via Zoom. October classes are almost over, but it’s not too late to register for our 13 classes in November and December.

If you are new to New Adventures in Learning, here are a few things to know. Our volunteer presenters offer an array of classes in subjects from history to art, technology, and health, etc. In recent years, our members have had 100-plus classes to choose from each fall and spring and about half that many in our summer sessions.

Besides interesting classes, we have many fascinating members to interact with—usually. During this pandemic, classes are offered online via Zoom, so interaction is limited.

When not in pandemic mode, all classes are offered at the Sun Lakes Center—all classes, that is, except field trips to local sites. The Sun Lakes Center is a facility of the Chandler-Gilbert Community College located at the corner of Riggs Road and Alma School Road.

You might have heard of us simply as New Adventures or even NAIL or NAILS. See whether you can figure out what the “S” means when added to the NAIL acronym.

We encourage you to go to our website for information on all of our fall classes. Here is a sample of the classes that begin in November or December: “American Revolution Part I” by Bill Haskell, “Zoom—An Introduction” by Rob Truman, “How to Advocate for Your Health Care during COVID” by Elaine Poker-Yount, a roundtable class called “Writing Your First Novel and Publishing it” by Russ Smith, and “Before America Roared” by Bill Gates.

You might recognize names of some of our presenters, including Bill Gates. Bill is a frequent presenter, and we shine the spotlight on him this month. Bill chose his topic, because the two-year period leading up to the Roaring 20s, an important period, has been passed over in history classes. Expect to hear about Prohibition and how it was tied to the Women’s Suffrage movement; consider the impact of the Anti-Saloon League; and briefly touch on the Pandemic of 1818-19 when 675,000 Americans died. Bill noted, “The biggest lesson I want to convey is how easily civil liberties can erode, with most of the public just ‘going along.’”

To make a decision about which classes you want to take, enter www.newadventures.info to reach our website, which is now hosted on the college website so don’t be surprised when you see cgc.edu at the top of the page. On the website, click on About New Adventures and then Curriculum Guide to find class descriptions. Or go straight to Classes to register. Need more help? Call us at 480-857-5500.

New Adventures in Learning is a not-for-profit organization that serves our southeast valley communities. We appreciate the support of the community college, and we acknowledge the community volunteers who bring vitality to our program. Welcome to New Adventures.