Ed Rockland

Sue Moore

Ed Rockland was born 74 years ago, July 27, 2016.

Ed Rockland “died” on September 3, 2014.

Ed was struck full force by a vehicle on his Cannondale Touring bicycle in the Sun Lakes Arizona area. His family was summoned.

Neither driver observed one another on this sunny September day and the impact was beyond profound.

Ed grew up in New York City. While working at a summer camp, he saw a bicycle in a basketball court: that was his first time on a bicycle, but NOT his last!

Ed married Carol. They both lived, taught school, and raised two boys for 40 years in Pennsylvania. Not much extra time for cycling, working full time and raising a family!

Ed retired from active teaching in 2000. Then the ‘empty-nest-syndrome’ hit. They joined the local bike club and asked for the ‘easiest’ ride – it was the country of Holland! Of course they went. Ed and wife Carol have biked 49 states and 17 countries. Alaska was not bicycled because of ‘lack of interest’… (not theirs).

He and wife Carol were now in their ‘50s, time to get back into cycling! Ed and Carol bicycled from Oregon to Pennsylvania. A total of 4,600 miles!

Ed and Carol moved to Arizona in 2011, and soon after that, joined the ‘PMBC’ (Phoenix Metro Bike Club).

Ed and Carol rode ‘El Tour de Tucson’s Bike Patrol’ twice. They also rode Bike Patrol with ‘El Tour de Mesa.’

Since the accident, Ed has had over 20 major surgeries, has had a tracheostomy, was in ICU for a month, had numerous muscle grafts and skin grafts, and contracted MRSA. Oh, and a concussion which has left him with no memory of the day, or of months after the day of the accident.

Ed’s FIRST words to the doctor were “When can I ride again?”

Ed exercises at the Sun Lakes Fitness Facility at Sun Lakes retirement community and is using a stationary bicycle to restore his body, in readiness for on-the-road-cycling!

Ed NEVER quit living throughout this entire ordeal, which by thy way, isn’t over yet. He rides his tricycle around the community, training, always training. Ed walks with a limp, but watch him light up and smile when you ask him how he is and what he wants to do!

The light in his eyes never went out and the sparkle is evident!


Down? Get up, again and again, get well, and do it again. Thank you Ed Rockland, you are one of my heroes!