Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Dr. Linda Larkey

Breast cancer survivors wanted for “Recovery and Rejuvenation Study”

Here’s an opportunity for Sun Lakes residents to contribute to possible medical advances and make a little money, all while engaging in activities designed to make you feel better.

That’s what eligible breast cancer survivors can gain from participating in the “Recovery and Rejuvenation Study,” which is led by researchers from Arizona State University, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

ASU researchers are recruiting breast cancer survivors for a free eight-week series of one-hour classes that start in Ahwatukee on Thursday mornings, August 1 through September 19. A second set of classes starts on Tuesday mornings, September 17, through November 5. Each location will offer three different series of classes. Participants in two of the series will learn gentle movement techniques; participants in the third series will engage in educational support, like a book club. All three approaches will be taught by trained ASU researchers, and all have been shown to help survivors, according to the chief investigator for the research study.

“Evidence-based research indicates gentle movement and peer support are both associated with significant benefits for cancer survivors during treatment and beyond,” said Dr. Linda Larkey, principal investigator for the ASU research study. “We are hoping to learn why that might be, and which approach is most beneficial.”

Participants who complete the study will receive $70 in gift cards as a show of appreciation for their time. “We find that in addition to the gift cards, participants take away from the study greater feelings of wellbeing and the knowledge that they have contributed to the science of survivorship,” said Larkey.

The study has three initial eligibility requirements: (1) Stage 0 to Stage III breast cancer survivor; (2) Between 45 and 75 years of age; and (3) Six months to 10 years past primary treatment. If you are interested, you can learn more by calling ASU’s research study line at 602-496-2329 or by emailing [email protected] for specifics on enrollment.