Ellie’s aerobic classes

Get in shape with Ellie Schuck!

Get in shape with Ellie Schuck!

Ellie Schuck

Let me be a part of your mornings and help you get in shape. There is absolutely nothing you can do for 60 minutes that gives you more benefits than exercise. It affects every part of your body in a positive way; and the good news is you’ll probably have fun doing it.

I encourage you all to give the aerobics class a try. Focus on how good you feel when you are finished and you’ll keep coming back. It won’t happen overnight but the results will get you hooked.

Class schedule:

Cottonwood Country Club Ballroom – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Bring an exercise mat, hand-held weights and water. Wear comfortable clothing. The fee is $3 per class on a pay as you go basis. The best buy in town!’

For more information call Ellie Schuck at 802-0188.

See you in class!