Energetic start to Oakwood Lady Niners’ new season

OLNGA 2017 executives (left to right) Rachel Enloe, Julia Collier, Margaret Johns and Pat Stead

OLNGA 2017 executives (left to right) Rachel Enloe, Julia Collier, Margaret Johns and Pat Stead

OLNGA members dancing off their Christmas lunches!

OLNGA members dancing off their Christmas lunches!

Ann Rounthwaite

The Oakwood Lady Niners began our winter season with energy and enthusiasm! We’ve welcomed new members, worked on our golf and celebrated the holidays. The OLNGA is a friendly and supportive group of women who play nine holes on Tuesday mornings, get together for lunch afterwards when they can, and enjoy occasional organized social events.

We’ve moved our Tuesday lunches to the Stone & Barrel and both golfers and social members are enjoying trying out a new menu and catching up after the summer. Lunch time conversation suggests I’m not the only golfer who’s having a slow start this season, but some of us have moved smoothly into league play. They include the November 15 winners of a low net game on the Palms – Flight 1: 1st Cora Lathom-Levensky, 2nd Phyllis Madison, 3rd Joyce Parker; Flight 2: 1st Deborah Greenwood, 2nd Patty Partridge, Barbara Stewart and Catherine Tinerino-Moore; Flight 3: 1st Susie Cook, 2nd Dollie Giaillonardo, 3rd Marian Greer

In a November 22 fairway shots game on the Sonoran, winners were Flight 1: 1st Joyce Parker and M.J. Coking, 2nd Sandy Krediet, 3rd Helen Semple and Kathy Chebuhar; Flight 2: 1st Georgeann Bell and Phyllis Madison, 2nd Julie Schneider, 3rd Colleen Duke; Flight 3: 1st Susan Meer, 2nd Marcy Griffith and Susie Cook, 3rd Sheila Bossio

On November 29 winners of a Crier’s Dice game on the Lakes were Flight 1: 1st Denise Fleshner, 2nd M.J. Coking, 3rd Cora Lathom-Levensky and Joyce Parker; Flight 2: 1st Linda Liberti, 2nd Suevonne Negaard and Patty Partridge, 3rd Susie Cook 3rd; Flight 3: 1st Sheila Bossio, 2nd Catherine Moore, 3rd Rachel Enloe and Edna Joss

Friends or spouses joined us for a Christmas dinner on December 4, beautifully organized once again by Reggie Wegman. Everyone enjoyed the warm atmosphere, good food and lively conversation as we launched the festive season together. Then our annual meeting and holiday luncheon took place after golf on December 6. Retiring as Social Chair, Sharon Gale outdid herself with good food, gorgeous decorations, presents and interactive entertainment. She had us all taking a line-dancing lesson after lunch in our golf shoes!

During the meeting, the new President Margaret Johns, Vice President Pat Stead, Secretary Julia Collier and Treasurer Rachel Enloe assumed office. Cora Lathom-Levensky, Susie Cook and Judy Hedding received pins for birdies, and along with Patty Partridge, they earned chip-in pins too.

In the stand-aside scramble before the meeting, three foursomes tied for first: Sandy Krediet, Tuny O’Rourke, Marcy Griffiths and Ursula Bird; Eileen Bergersen, Nancy Heberling, Margaret Johns and Susie Cook; Reggie Wegman, Anne Carlson, Julia Collier and Rachel Enloe. But in recognition of the giving season, every golfer who played won a small Pro Shop credit.

It’s not too late to join the Oakwood Lady Niners and get in on the fun. You’re eligible no matter where you live or how long you’re staying. Call Pat Stead at 480-883-1450 or 480-213-7163 for more information.