Everyone enjoyed the IronOaks Halloween Party

What a cutie!

What a cutie!

Sandi Bargioni and Judy Gahide, Co-coordinators

It was another beautiful day at Lake Diamond in Oakwood. Well over 100 dogs attended the pet party, most of them beautifully dressed in the most creative of costumes. While this makes it difficult for the judges to choose the winners, it sure is fun to see how the dogs like to strut their stuff.

Thank you for all who came out for a morning of fun, laughter and socialization. Your pets were all so well behaved and it makes this a joy for those volunteers who work hard to make the event a success.

The nine winners of most creative pet costumes are:

Kia, a chihuahua dressed as a butterfly. Her owner is Valerie Ord. Nika, a pitbull, in a gorgeous princess costume. Owners are Mark and Susan Schlesinger. Quigley, a mixed breed, looking very cute in his dinosaur outfit. Owners are Ed and Sandi Katarski. Stripes Sunnee and Laddee Annie, both yorkies, strutting their stuff as members of the Seahawks football team. Owners are Lin and Chris Mank. Kirby, a yorkie, cute as can be as a jockey. Owned by Linda Murray. Peaches, a mixed breed, styling in her outfit as a beach girl. Owned by Sheila Sellers. Sandi, Buster and Ginger, miniature poodles, dressed as star wars characters. Owned by Jan Johnston. Last, but not least, Adrian, a bearded collie, cool as a cucumber in her country girl outfit. Her owner is Dorothy Bell.

A special thank you to our volunteers: M/C Carolann Nelson; Judges Pam Perry, Dennis Madigan and Glen Butler; to our contest sign up crew, Barbara Gold and Jackie Hutchins; and our photographer, Carol Mellinger. Hope to see you next year.