Faith, Hope, and Love—Women’s Bible Study in Sun Lakes

What is something you want more of? Time? Money? Dessert? Many things in our life that are considered “good” we tend to want more of. You may have seen a wall hanging with the words “Faith, Hope, and Love” on it. Perhaps it’s written in beautiful lettering or has an inspiring picture in the background. These words can be found hundreds of times throughout the Bible, and they are all good! How beautiful to want more of this.

This fall we begin a new Bible study titled “Increase My Faith, Hope, and Love.” We will dig deep into what the Bible says about these three encouraging words, and we will take them off the wall and hang them on our hearts. We were created with a desire for more of what is good. So, together, let’s increase our Faith, Hope, and Love.

We meet at the Phase 1 clubhouse Friendship Room every Thursday at 1 p.m. The Study will go until May, 2024. All ladies are invited. If you have any questions, please call or text Dena Brinkman at 480-206-7427.