Fall dance season is just around the corner

It’s time to get started on developing some new skills on the dance floor … so many dance events are scheduled for your enjoyment during the fall. Don’t sit and watch … get up and do!

Social Dance entry level lessons are scheduled to begin at Cottonwood the middle of September, so get on the phone and call Mary Lou Kaye, the certified instructor, to get the specific days and dates that will be available for you to get cracking on your road to “Dancing with the Stars” status. Too ambitious? Well, we’ll just make sure you don’t look like Abbott and Costello.

On Monday, September 18, there will be a FREE Sample Dance Class starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Phoenix Room in the Cottonwood community. Call to reserve your space. You are also welcome to invite your friends, even if they are not residents of Sun Lakes or SunBird. The number to call is 480-939-1869.

Mary Lou developed a KISS (Keep It Super Simple) method that will have you dancing to any kind of music you hear within an hour. You will be so impressed with yourself. Walk In ~ Dance Out!

For more details, call Mary Lou at 480-939-1869, email her at [email protected] and/or visit her website for additional info at BasicSocialDance.com.