Fall events for PVLGA


Liz DeMichael, Publicity

November was an enjoyable month for playing golf for the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA). Read on…

11/7. Low Gross. A beautiful day for the ladies to play such a tough game, and they were up for the challenge! The winners were Flight #1: Terry Gaube and Tracy Rice (tied – 76) and Billie Seiberling (78); Flight #2: Carol Ruff (79), Lee Sonderman (81) and Linda Brock and Nancy Gehlbach (tied – 82); Flight #3: Lori Daily (79), Sharon Eisenzimmer (86) and Jo Ann Hegel and Kathy Ivesdal (tied – 87); Flight #4: Sharon Howard and Ginger Mays (tied – 92) and Genene Gude and Rita Raymond (tied – 97).

11/14. Golf Fore Life Tournament. See separate article.

11/21. Low Net. The PVLGA played a Low Net tournament the third week of November which allows the player’s handicap to be deducted from their final score. The winners were Flight #1: Barb Smith (59), Kathryn Campbell, Carole Guild, Vanessa Heimgartner and Donna Purcell (tied – 61); Flight #2: Gwen Curtis (56), Jan Nelson (58) and Sherry Manier (60); Flight #3: Cathy Brabant (56), Kathy Ivesdal (58) and Kathy Bushbaum (60); Flight #4: Rita Raymond (58), Jane Gallagher (61) and Janet Baron (63). Great play, ladies!

11/28. Palo Verde Men’s & Ladies Challenge. Every year, the PV Men and Ladies clubs face each other in a demanding round of golf. The PVLGA won and will hold the Challenge Trophy for the coming year. Eat your heart out, guys! Thanks to all the members who played and to Ginger Henry and Wanda Johnson for chairing the event.