Fall Softball Season Is Underway

Ballet or softball? Pitcher Dennis Henderson follows through on a pitch (or is that an attempted croisé devant pose?) while third baseman Dick Bleich looks on. (Photo by Larry Wolfe)

Larry Wolfe

Our Fall Senior Softball Season began on Oct. 31 and will continue through Dec. 18. This season’s team sponsors and managers are as follows: In the Lakes Division: A-1 Golf Carts (Mgr. Dennis Kennedy), Core Consulting (Mgr. Chris Jensen), Skyview Digital Media (Mgr. Dave Kratz), and Young Home Team Realtors (Mgr. Gary Hillabolt). In the Sun Division: Camp Hilby (Mgr. Mike Gloyd), Redeemed Team Realtors (Mgr. Jon Hendrikse), and Spooner Physical Therapy (Mgr. Joe Commisto). Games are played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Come on down to the field to watch our guys. You’ll be surprised at the skill levels that are still on display! At press time, we had just completed the first two weeks of league play, so we’ll wait until next month to look at the standings and stats. If you can’t wait, check out the current standings and statistics on our website, www.sunlakessoftball.com.

Our Lady Sluggers have begun practicing for their upcoming season, which begins the first week of January. They play in the Valley of the Sun League against other teams located throughout the Southeast Valley. Go to the Ladies Team page of our website for additional information.

Thanks to the Kolb Team Realty Group for renewing their advertising banner at the Field of Dreams. The Kolbs have been supporting our program since 2013. Also, thanks to the Buckeye Boys, fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes, for renewing their banner. They’ve also been supporters since 2013. There’s a link to all our advertisers’ websites on the Sponsors page of our website.