FBCSL Safari Hunt for the Best Blessed Breakfast in Town

Men, the hunt is on! Join the First Baptist Church Sun Lakes on safari to find which restaurant has the Best Blessed Breakfast in Town. And it’s going to be wild out there! The hunt is on! Don’t worry, you won’t need any ammo for this safari. Who has the best breakfast in our town?

First, we’re goin’ on a bear hunt. We’re gonna catch a big one. Don’t be scared, because our target is the Black Bear Diner on Saturday, June 8, at 7 a.m. Bring along your elephant appetite and be there to help us kick off this very first safari adventure.

If you will be in town to join us, please give the office a call or sign up on the sign-up sheets (this is a men-only event). That way, the restaurant will have the heads-up for seating and meal planning. Bring a friend along to help on this safari adventure!

Should you wear camo? You decide. And by the time we get to December, we will vote on which restaurant was the Best Blessed Breakfast in Town and give the establishment a trophy from FBC!

Remember, the jungle is alive with secrets waiting to be discovered, but what will be discovered? Who will win this coveted trophy?

Sound fun? Come join us! Call 480-895-1088 to join us on this safari.