February Niners results

Two of our golfers lost family members during February. The Board and members of the Niners offer our deepest condolences to our friends Don Zimmer and Bill Bartoo on the loss of their grandsons.

Course etiquette and rake procedures. Recent observations of our golf courses and reports by golfers resulted in a number of items being addressed in the Stay in the Loop publication. Specifically, it is requested that golfers not dispose of litter, food items, broken tees, cigarettes or cigar butts by discarding them on the course. There are ample trash receptacles and new tee caddies for such items next to the tee boxes. A second issue is the proper placement of rakes in bunkers. After raking a bunker, the rake should be returned to the bunker, tines in, handle pointing out perpendicular to the sides of the bunker. Attention to minor details will produce a cleaner, more visually appealing and playable course.


2/05. Two Best Net Balls – Sonoran: 1st Bill Stoutenberg, Richard Nelson, Joe Sigillo, Paul Blatnicky, 2nd Ron Betti, Gerry Regan, Richard Funk and Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 3 Jerry Vickery and No.8 Bill Lacey

2/12.: Best Ball Par 3/4/5 – Lakes: 1st Tom Traver, Ed Allen, Bob Deken and Greg Sutton, 2nd Bill Whitely, Bruce Henderson, Bill Becker and Tom Thibodeau; Sinkers: Bernie Boston; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 2 Jack Cook and No. 6 Richard Nelson

2/19. Best Ball One Gross and One Net – Palms: 1st Larry Johnson, Warren McCurdy and Joe Sigillo, 2nd Dennis Fisher, Jim Broich, Jordy Primack and Jerry Meer; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 4 Gerry Regan and No. 7 Greg Sutton

2/26. Skins – Sonoran: Team 1 Ron Betti and Jerry Richards, Team 2 Tom Traver, Team 3 Nick Angele and Ron Rudinski, Team 4 Warren McCurdy, Team 5a Dave Peters, Team 5b Jack Cook, Team 6 Mike Stegina, Team 7 Bill Bartoo, Team 8 Paul Blatnicky, Team 9a Bill Flinn, Joe Sigillo and Mike Stewart, Team 9b Gordon Graham; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 3 Warren McCurdy and No. 8 Nick Angele

Mark your calendars for the Awards Luncheon/annual meeting on Tuesday, March 24. The gathering will begin at 11:00 a.m. with lunch at noon. The Nominations Committee will be announcing the slate of Board Officers for 2015 and 2016 and awards will be presented to the various winners for 2014. The proposed slate will be President Jim Wegman, Vice President Joe Sigillo, Treasurer Len Dolins and Secretary Bob Deken.

Hey guys, Bill Stoutenberg had his first Ace on February 16 at Sun Lakes Country Club No. 3, swinging his trusty 8-iron. Well done, Bill; the next one should be a snap.

Want to play some off campus golf, enjoy a super lunch and maybe win some prizes? Jack Cook announced that a charity golf tournament is scheduled for Monday, April 13 at the Ocotillo Golf course to support ASAS, the American Service Animal Society. This charitable organization supports the training program for disabled veterans and their service animals. Contact Jack Cook at 802-3277 for further details.

April 1, 2015 begins our league year and dues checks are due.