February Results for SLLGA

Judy Wegener

February brings to mind red hearts and lacey Valentines. The ladies Valentine’s event kicked off with a fun game “Queen of Hearts” and continued with a tasty lunch and raffle. Great job!

2/4 Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Brenda Heyink, 2nd Brigette Charles, 3rd Marci Koppelmaa;

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Dori Winchester and Judy Bray, 3rd Barb Hanson; Flight 3: 1st Cat LaJune, 2nd Unni Foster, 3rd (tie) Gloria Fronk and Lillian Getty; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Judi Kilgus and Donna Bailey, 3rd (tie) Ingrid Jefferies and Gloria Mundy; Flight 5: 1st Lavaugn Pietz, 2nd (tie) Cathy LaMothe, Goldie Herberg, and Mary Eberle

2/11 Valentines Tournament

1st (tie) Judy Wegener, Jan Martin, Alexa Bourne, and Donna Jones; Brigitte Charles, Cheryl Bunch, Cat LaJune, and Judy Cox; 3rd (tie) Debra Emerick, Dori Winchester, Ariete Lima, and Goldie Herberg; Jane Sackett, Pam Sebela, Lavaugn Pietz, and Marlys McFarland

2/18 Who’s Hole Is It?

1st Lynn Tanner, Jan Fletcher, Jeannie Fehringer, and Tricia Colombe; 2nd (tie) Marci Koppelmaa, Julie Hamlin, Judi Kilgus, and Janet Jackson; Linda Smith, Betty Reagan, Judy Mical, and Pat Benson

2/25 2 Net Scores

Flight 1: 1st Dori Winchester, Judy Lintern, Jan Martin, and Elsie Hagen; 2nd Jan Batting, Jane Sackett, Mary Oester, and Judy Bray; 3rd Lynn Tanner, Mary Liepold, and Linda Smith; Flight 2: 1st Rosemary Berry, Pat Benson, and Ariete Lima; 2nd (tie) Betty Reagan, Cat LaJune, Ingrid Jefferies, and Shirley Brenner; Lillian Look, Tricia Colombe, and Donna Jones; Flight 3: 1st Lillian Getty, Jeannie Nelson, Lavaughn Pietz, and Jan Cobb; 2nd Janet Jackson, Curly Ferris, Judy Cox, and Fran Stevenson; 3rd Jan Conley, Jeannie Fehringer, Cathy LaMothe, and Donna Bailey