Fly Fishing at its finest

George Abernathy

In the first week of May, members of the

Carnero Lake

Carnero Lake

b went on an overnight trip to Carnero Lake which is located in the White Mountains. Brad Smith, Jim Richardson and I camped at the lake’s edge which turned out to be one of the most scenic locations imaginable. John Potts drove out for a few hours, and Dan Rheinauer, Jim Nulty and Rich Johnson opted for a motel room. The fishing was awesome, so awesome that most of us desperately tried to figure out how to spend another day without being in the doghouse with our spouses. Dan landed a rainbow that measured 22” and weighed close to four pounds. Most trout (all fatties) measured between 14” to 17” which included tiger trout as well as rainbows. Everyone landed numerous trout, and most of us had our lines broken off more than once. Wednesday evening before the three headed for their motels, we all enjoyed grilled steaks, baked potatoes and a “happy hour” around a blazing fire.

Because of the success of this trip, it’s now become a scheduled annual SLFFC trip along with trips to Christmas Tree Lake and the San Juan River. As of mid-May, eight club members have signed up for our trip to the Fishheads San Juan River Lodge on October 24 and 25. I have reserved additional rooms for a few others who might want to join us. God willing and the river doesn’t rise, I and others will also enjoy an additional dozen or so trips throughout this year.

If you fly fish and would like to befriend others who share the same interest, you’re welcome to join us for breakfast on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 8:00 a.m. at the Stone & Barrel Restaurant.

Fish On! Fish On!