Fly fishing at its best

George Abernathy

Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club’s members went on several trips in the past two months with great success. Fishing is always the objective and catching is the primary goal. Most of us exceeded our goals.

In October seven members spent two days floating the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry and everyone caught numerous rainbow trout. Observing mountain goats descending the cliffs for a drink of water was one of the highlights.

On our second overnight trip to Greer, the five of us retired on the first evening with snow falling. Our plans to fish Big Lake the following morning changed to Becker Lake after encountering a heavy snow fall while in route. It was a warm decision. The abundant fish caught at Becker ranged from 17-21” and weighed between one to three pounds. We all fished from one-man pontoon boats and Ernie Papacek, who is one of our members, experienced his first outing in a borrowed pontoon boat named the Titanic. On our final day we spent several hours fishing at Silver Creek. Who needs to go to the gym when you can spend a few hours netting 13 trout that averaged 17 to 22 inches?

On Saturday October 24, the SLFFC hosted 14 disabled veterans from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing at the East Lake in the Cottonwood Country Club. All the vets were able to hook up or land fish. One of the vets was able to net a carp that weighed approximately 10 lbs. Afterwards we enjoyed a great lunch at the Cottonwood restaurant which was sponsored by the Sun Lakes Breakfast Lions Club. Burt and Jan Williams also volunteered their time to shoot numerous pictures of the event.

Fish On! Fish On!