Focus on the CWPV Library

Located in the Cottonwood courtyard opposite the Cottonwood Pro Shop is the Cottonwood Library. It is “staffed” by a dedicated group of CWPV homeowner volunteers. Their responsibility is to keep the library shelves neat, clean, and organized. They volunteer one day a week, every week, to support this wonderful amenity. If you are interested in volunteering, email [email protected] and you will be contacted by the library volunteer coordinator.

How can you help?

Donate your books—books that are current publications (no more than eight years old) and in good condition, but no magazines or cookbooks. Leave them on the counter or put them in the “book return” bin. Books that we cannot keep due to space limitations are donated to a non-profit organization for use, resale, or recycling.

DO NOT return to the CWPV Library books that belong to the Sun Lakes Country Club Library, the Oakwood Library, or the Robson Branch of the Maricopa County Library. Please take your books back to where you borrowed them. We do not return books to other libraries.

The CWPV Library is a place for homeowners to exchange books or sit and read or quietly work on their computers (free wi-fi). It is NOT a place for social visiting, committee meetings, or other group gatherings, with the exception of the CWPV Ambassadors who begin new homeowner tours in the library.