Four legs go too!

It would be wonderful to take your best friend with you everywhere. Although Phoenix is not the most dog-friendly city, times are changing. These fun outings assist in socialization, learning manners, and enrichment. It is recommended that immunizations be up to date. When traveling to your destination, properly restrain them using a seatbelt harness or a kennel for their safety as well as yours.

Please be responsible and prepared to clean up an accident. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will open the door for new businesses to invite your best friend to join you.

This list is not all-inclusive. It is recommended to call ahead to verify you are welcome, as it is at the discretion of each store manager.

Home Depot – Welcomes your pet only if leashed. There is plenty of space for your pet to walk around. While most Home Depots allow dogs, call ahead to your store to make sure they are welcome.

Lowe’s – Only allows Service Dogs. They need to be identified with a vest. They must have a collar and be leashed.

Barnes and Noble – Not all branches of Barnes and Noble have a pet-friendly policy. They do have specific places where you and your dog can be. They are never allowed in the store coffee shops (Health Department rules; no dogs around food). It is a good idea to call ahead.

Macy’s – Not all stores have a pet-friendly policy. If the store is connected to a large mall, they generally will not allow your pet. Always call to ask.

Pottery Barn – They do allow owners to shop with their dogs.

Bass Pro Shops – This American retailer welcomes dogs. They believe pets are a great addition to families, making them a great companion in the outdoors. No pets are allowed in the restaurants due to sanitation reasons.

Bloomingdales – They have a pet-friendly policy. They only allow well-behaved dogs to shop with their owners. Your dog always needs to be leashed.

What to do?

1. Always call the place of business to make sure they allow pets.

2. Always have your dog on a leash with a sturdy collar – consider a harness – for the safety of your dog and other shoppers. Be sure to provide water and cleanup supplies. Be considerate. Some shoppers are afraid of dogs. Be prepared to leave with your pet.

3. If you have a small dog, consider using a backpack or carrier for your precious pup.

4. Make sure your dog is well behaved. We want other businesses to open their doors to pets.

5. Start small to ensure your dog can handle large crowds.

You can always bring them to Rover’s Rest Stop Meet & Greet the second Saturday of the month! Need more information? Or a dog to take with you? Call 480-600-2828 for more information.