From the Board President

Joe D’Amore, IronOaks Board President

I will once again begin my message with a brief mention of the virus. I am sure you all join me in celebrating the good news—more Americans have begun getting vaccinated. Too bad it took something as serious as the Delta variant to get us going again. And for more good news, the FDA has given full approval to one of the vaccines, which soon should be followed by full approval to the other vaccines. If that’s what has been holding you back, please go get the vaccine as soon as possible. And when you are eligible for a booster shot, please get that as well. We all need to depend on each other to beat this virus.

The good news just keeps coming. Intel has not only reconfigured the proposed new substation, but has agreed that the powerlines running just north of our community will be placed underground. There is more to be done about landscaping, parking lights, putting permanent traffic signals on Dobson Road and Riggs Road and Old Price Road concerns, but let’s take a moment to thank Intel for the changes they agreed to make. They acted as good neighbors on those changes. Hopefully, they will continue to do so on the remaining matters. Please keep yourself informed on any progress, and let your voice be heard.

A new survey about our trash and recycling schedule has been approved by your board at our Aug. 24 board meeting. Please take a little time to check it out and to then indicate your preference for one of the three options offered. Even though the survey is not a vote, please be assured that your board will consider the survey results to decide whether the existing schedule should stay in place, or if the one recently approved by the board following the last survey was done should replace the existing schedule, or whether an altogether different option is best for our community. If all proceeds on schedule, then your board will discuss the survey results at the September board workshop, which will occur on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 9 a.m. in the Oakwood ballroom. I expect that a final decision on this matter can be made by your board at its regularly scheduled September board meeting, which is on Wednesday, Sept. 29, at 9 a.m. in the Oakwood ballroom. I encourage all of you to take the survey and then participate in both the board workshop and the board meeting.

Finalization of our Strategic Plan is making it to the final stretch. We are very close to getting the final draft of that plan into the hands of all your board members and members of the Master Planning Committee, as well as posting it on our website, so that all homeowners can comment. Once all comments are received by your board, we can then proceed to formally adopt the plan. By the way, the first version of the plan has been on our website for quite some time. Since I don’t expect any major changes, I recommend that you check it out and see if there’s anything you think needs to be modified or added. Please let us know.

Have fun here at IronOaks and please stay safe.