Fun Lakers Club November News

Bob and Vickie Bybee, Publicists

The newly-formed Charity Committee of Fun Lakers collected over $2,500 in school and sanitation supplies for San Marcos Elementary School in the Chandler Unified School District. The drive was conducted mid-July through mid-August. Fun Lakers donated supplies and checks to drop-off boxes located in each of the Sun Lakes communities. However, the majority of the funds were collected through a GoFundMe account of over $2,000.

Supplies were delivered on Sept. 30 to San Marcos. Principal Becky Henderson gratefully accepted the items: quality, name-brand pencils, markers, notebooks, glue sticks, and pencil boxes. Over half of the supplies were hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, and tissues.

San Marcos serves families who have been hard-hit by unemployment during the pandemic. Most work in the service industry. The Fun Lakers Charity Committee is most appreciative to family and community members for making this inaugural event such a success. It is a terrific example of community working together to help our society.

We are looking at two events in November for the Fun Lakers. There will be concerts with Thaddeus Rose at the Oakwood clubhouse, on the outside wedding green. They will be limited to 50 people max, and music will be 6:30 to 8 p.m. One concert is on Nov. 19, and the second is still being worked on for Nov. 17. We will let everyone know when the one on the 17th is finalized.

Next year, memberships start Nov. 1. If you are new to the Fun Lakers and apply, you will be on a free member