Fun Lakers Social Club Is Having Fun!

Sheila and Gary Bross

Sheila and Gary Bross

Ray Texeira

One of the things we love about the Fun Lakers social club is how our members come together. There are folks who are always ready to pitch in and make events enjoyable for everyone and those who help behind the scenes. In appreciation for what they do, we honor them with a Fun Lakers Fun Maker Appreciation Award. This month’s recipients are Sheila and Gary Bross, in recognition for all their efforts in managing our Fun Day at Sisk Park event. Good food, fun games, and lots of prizes. Everyone had a great time!

We have two members only card groups in gear with Mexican Train every Monday evening and euchre twice monthly. Another important part of our club is the Solo group which is a network of single people within the Fun Lakers club of Sun Lakes, striving to share social activities together and help form new friendships. All of our dinner and dance events have a Solo table or area where meeting new friends and chatting with old friends is enjoyed. To join, become a member of Fun Lakers and check the Solo block on the registration form.

Our event schedule is speeding up later this year with a comedy show and the monthly ballroom dance party, open to both members and non-members, and progressive dinner and holiday party for members only.

Our organization is always looking for new folks to join us in our fun. If you would like more information about Fun Lakers membership and our event schedule, cards and games, or Solo, go to or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.