Fun Lakers Social Club Presents the March ‘Fun Makers’ Award

Gloria and Joe Tucker

Gloria and Joe Tucker

Bob Bybee

One of the things we love about our Fun Lakers social club is how our members come together. There are folks who are always ready to pitch in and make events enjoyable for everyone. There are people who manage, who help behind the scenes, who volunteer their homes for club gatherings, and who are on call to help when needed. In appreciation for what they do, we established a Fun Lakers “Fun Makers” Appreciation Award to be given out to all those who shine.

The March recipients were Gloria and Joe Tucker, in appreciation for all their efforts in managing our Euchre Club. Although play has been limited to a small “bubble” group the last few months, play will open up to more members in the future as we navigate through the COVID-19 situation. In addition to the club award, Euchre members pitched in to show their appreciation by also giving them a thank you gift. This is how our club rolls. According to the Tuckers, “We have thoroughly enjoyed being co-chairs of the Fun Lakers Euchre Club. We have many awesome members who just enjoy getting together. It’s a great social gathering twice a month. We have a ball! Words cannot express our humble gratitude for the appreciation certificate and generous gifts. As I looked around, all I could think of was the continuous support we have received to keep the bubble group going. Additionally, thanks to the club for welcoming new members as our group was growing last year, and to everyone for pitching in to make this work. Everyone’s help in hosting and supporting this group is truly appreciated. It is our belief that each of our members makes this club what it is—AWESOME—and a team is only as good as its members.”

Ray Texeira, Fun Lakers President, says, “Our organization is always looking for new folks to join us in our fun. We are sure, with the loyalty of our members, we will thrive and survive through 2021. If you would like more information about Fun Lakers membership, go to, or send us an email to [email protected].”