Fun Line Dance Classes at Cottonwood

Laina Lee

Have fun and get great exercise also! Join us for line dance classes at Cottonwood, Sun Lakes. Beginner classes are Thursdays at 11 a.m., and Intermediate classes are at noon for $5 per class in Room A-6.

This class will be a fun, energizing class that will help get your body moving, fill you with energy, increase coordination, and build new neural pathways which aid in cognitive acuity and memory increase! I break down the basic step patterns, then we start with easy one-wall dances and progress into two- and four-wall dances. The intermediate class will move a little faster with a little more 32 count dances.

Some of the line dances taught will be dances such as “Black Velvet,” “All Shook Up,” “Uptown Funk,” “I Love a Rainy Night,” “Chocolate City Hustle,” “Knockin’ Boots,” “Asi Asi,” “Jamaica Slide,” “Canadian Stomp,” “Texas Time,” Marvin Gaye, and many more!

You can wear tennis shoes or smooth, leather-sole shoes. Flip flops are not recommended.

Dance video demos of some of my dances can be found on my YouTube channel under Laina Lee.

I have a real passion for dancing and music, and I love sharing the joy of dancing with others. I have participated in country dance competitions and continue with ongoing lessons and training. I have been dancing for the past 30 years and teaching for the past 11 years.

I teach partner and line dancing at different venues and corporate events around the Valley. I teach line dance/exercise classes at Optum Healthcare in Chandler. I formed the Renegade Ropers Line Dance Team, a competition and performance team, five years ago. I am the co-originator for the bi-monthly Country Rain Dance & Lessons at NRG Ballroom for the past nine years.

My company is Dance Lane, and my Meet Up is East Valley Kickers (with over 4,600 members). I am a member of UCWCD (a Country Dance governing association). I teach line dancing as well as country 2-step, West Coast swing, East Coast swing, country waltz, and cha cha, ight club 2-step, and N.Y. hustle.