Garden Club February Speaker: Linda Larson

Starla Kramer

Sun Lakes Garden Club invites Linda Larson to return as the featured presenter for the Feb. 16 Zoom meeting, at 10 a.m. Visitors are welcome by providing an email request to [email protected] for the Zoom link invitation. Live meetings will resume after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Members meet all year on the third Tuesday of each month. Members are welcome from any city and any level of gardening experience. Members receive a 10-page monthly newsletter with photos of members’ gardens and activities. Check out the website, and there is an option to join online through a safe PayPal account. Club memberships are only $20 per year, and a spouse or second member in the household is only $10 per year. Live meetings will resume post-COVID-19 at the Chapel Center (next door to the Sun Lakes All Faiths Community Church and across the street from the Sun Lakes Country Club) at 9230 E. Sun Lakes Blvd. N.

Since the beginning of time, plants have moved around the world. Call them what you choose—flowerpots, plant pots, containers, or tubs—pots brought plants from all over the world to our own little spot of earth. The pots we find in our gardens today are the result of the evolution of available materials for making pots, the development of plant science, and even fashion.

Potting Up Plants is an illustrated look into the rich history and various styles of flower pots, as well as the universal garden wisdom provided by these vessels. Beautiful images from gardens of the world will be presented by gardener and blogger Linda Larson. Linda has traveled to over 900 gardens in 32 countries and all 50 United States. She is always trying to find room for just one more flowerpot in her home garden.