Golden Goalies begin summer incentive program

Golden Goalies officers – Bottom row: Irene and Jeanne S. Top row: Sharon, Carol, Dimple, Jeanne B. and Jan

Bea Loozer

Goalies like to take advantage of incentives that can help motivate all of us to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Starting in June, we are beginning a summer incentive program for the first time. Those in attendance will get a step closer to winning the game IF they lose weight that week. The details aren’t important here, but we goalies like to see gradual improvement in health, and incentives help us achieve that.

Meet three key Goalies whom we are happy to see each week. First is our leader Sharon who deserves our thanks for inaugurating our summer program and for keeping track of mystery envelopes and other incentive programs, as well as keeping our meetings stimulating. Thanks to Rita for being there early every week to capture everyone’s weight accurately. Then there’s Irene who listens carefully to Rita’s weigh-in results and records all those numbers. Each week, Irene makes sure we get the real scoop on member weight, which is to say that when we announce whether we lost or gained, she isn’t embarrassed to correct us. We might hear her say, “No, you didn’t lose,” or (just as often) “No, you didn’t gain; you lost.” Either way, no worries. We just laugh at how quickly we can forget whether our results were thumbs up or thumbs down. Incentives help, but maybe it’s a good sign that rarely do disappointing results get us down. Thanks to Irene, Rita and Sharon.

Join us for good company, support, laughs and shared wisdom. Weigh-in is Saturday from 7:00 to 7:40 a.m. in Room A-8, near the Cottonwood Library. The meeting starts after weigh-in. Contact Rita at 480-223-8340 for more information.