Golden Goalies – celebrating losers!

Bea Loozer

This article is being written on the first Saturday of the month, which is the day that we all sit at designated tables rather than parking ourselves in our usual seat. That’s my favorite week of the month, because I end up sitting next to people I don’t know as well as those I usually sit near. I like getting to know every member of our club.

Each week, we state aloud whether we gained, lost or “turtled” (stayed the same) since our last meeting. This week had 10 “losers” present. So, congrats to Jeannie, Lois, Audrey, Mary Lee, Sharon, Dolly, Janice, Debbie, Dana and Lori. Dana actually turtled this week, with about five other members, so, technically, she didn’t qualify as a loser, but her honor is even bigger. Our leader Sharon just announced that Dana was the biggest loser for the preceding month (our Queen of the Month), so she deserves congrats with a capital “C.”

You don’t see my face among the losers, because I gained a tenth of a pound. Sheesh, that’s the second week in a row for gaining a tenth. Oh well, as they say, “close but no cigar.” And as I frequently say, we all go up and down, so no worries.

Join us to meet those who are here during most of the summer and enjoy some good laughs with new friends. You will also find support, motivation and shared wisdom. Weigh-in is Saturday from 7:00 to 7:40 a.m. in Room A-8, near the Cottonwood Library. The meeting starts after weigh-in. Contact Rita at 895-2559 for more information.