Golden Goalies: a mission isn’t just a building

Alice Willittes, with Margaret Simkins, has earned the title “Keeper.”

Alice Willittes, with Margaret Simkins, has earned the title “Keeper.”

Bea Loozer

Looking through old photos can be very emotional. This week I was looking through old photos, cards and notes, as well as articles I’d written for the Splash over the last decade. I save most of the articles I write — not sure why — but it is occasionally revealing to read an old article.

While looking at the headline of the January 2011 article I noticed the reference to a new Golden Goalies mission statement. I couldn’t recall a new mission so I read the whole article. I think it’s worth repeating, so here, from that article, is a brief introduction followed by a two paragraph mission statement and a list that further clarifies what the Golden Goalies group is about.

“Recently the Golden Goalies group acknowledged what has been true all along — the group is about more than weight loss. With that in mind, members recently adopted a mission statement that formalizes what they are about.

‘Golden Goalies strives to create an environment where health information can be shared. Our mission is to inspire members to be proactive about their health.

To achieve our mission, we empower each other to improve our health and practice healthy lifestyles in order to live a satisfying life and decrease the risk of chronic diseases exacerbated by obesity.’

We also:

– Offer a support network,

– Provide information to help members make good dietary choices,

– Share other health information,

– Promote the practice of regular exercise,

– Provide stimulation for mental and emotional agility,

– Recognize that change is difficult but can be achieved with support, and

– Laugh together.”

There is a bit more to that 2011 article, but I’ll conclude by inviting you to join this easy-going organization that encourages members to get healthier. We meet on Saturday mornings. Weigh-in is between 7:00-7:40 a.m. in the Mirror Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. The meeting starts after weigh-in next door in the Friendship Room. Contact Rita at 895-2559 for more information.